Accidents & Incidents

Part of the safety culture in aviation is to analyze aircraft accidents and incidents in order to learn from mistakes made. These analyses are carried out systematically using existing sources of information. Accident investigations require knowledge not only in all aviation disciplines but also in related fields such as meteorology, human-machine interfaces and psychology. The Federal Office of Civil Aviation continuously exchanges information with domestic and foreign accident investigation authorities.

On this page we show a selection of accident reports that we believe are relevant to general aviation.

Landung bei Seitenwind (2/3) – Landetechniken

Lesson learned: Flug mit ungesichertem Hauptbolzen

Vermehrte Störungen bei ROTAX-Motoren

Foto: Oliver Bucher

Montage von Kameras an Flugzeugen

Annual Safety Report 2022

Lessons Learned: Missing Item in Preflight Check

Annual Safety Report 2020