Formation flight – at your own risk

Not a day goes by without photos or videos of formation flights being posted on Facebook, Instagram or other social media channels. Formation flights obviously have their appeal and are cool. They originally come from military aviation and were used to provide mutual air support against the enemy. There are many reasons for flying in formation. Whether it’s to offer guests a visual treat at an airfield party, to take air-to-air photos of a fellow club member’s plane or for a healthy dose of sporting ambition.


Source / Notice: Some pics of formation flight found on social media (Facebook, Instagram)
The images shown here are examples that are neither prejudicial nor prejudicial. They merely serve to illustrate the topic.

Risks associated with formation flying
In principle, flights in formation are permitted. BUT: Formation flights involve considerable risks! Small distances between aircraft (Airprox), the weather, visibility, turbulence, personal daily form of the pilots – all these are risk factors that need to be taken into account.

Step by step to formation flying
Great importance is attached to recognizing risks but also to careful preparation as part of a briefing. A flyer has recently become available on this subject, which outlines the most important points for safe formation flying. There are now also a number of flying schools in Switzerland that offer formation flying courses. If you have any questions or uncertainties, please contact your instructor or flying school. Happy landing!

Flyer formation flights as .pdf (click on image)

A5 Flyer Formationsflug EN



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