Staysafe at the AERO 2024 – we look forward to your visit!

How do I test my ELT? How do I prepare for a flight to Switzerland/the Alps? What do I have to consider when flying to Switzerland with my UL? What happens if I don’t close my flight plan?

Questions welcome!
Together with the SAR team as well as air traffic control and airworthiness experts, we will be personally present at this year’s Aero from April 17-20, 2024 in Hall A5, Stand 228 and will be happy to answer your questions on the above topics. Have your ELT data checked on site in the emergency transmitter database or have the free “SAR Alert” app explained to you, find out lots of interesting facts about safety directly from the experts and try your luck in the AERO 2024 Safety Quiz with lots of great prizes.

New VFR Pilot Guide Switzerland: get your personal copy 
On the occasion of the AERO, we are pleased to present our latest safety product, the “VFR Pilot Guide Switzerland”. This serves as an important guide for flights in Swiss airspace. Come by and pick up a copy the size of a kneeboard. The VFR Pilot Guide will be published in German and English. The English version will be available after the AERO 2024.

It is very important to us to maintain a personal exchange with the pilot community, not just via social media. An event like AERO Friedrichshafen offers the best opportunity for this. We look forward to meeting many new people and having interesting conversations about safety in general aviation.


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