Forced landing after engine failure – FOCA SAND 2021-006

Compte rendu original du pilote : «On a VFR flight from XXX to YYY, I was approaching the sector X of YYYY from the south at 3500ft climbing to 4000ft when the engine partially lost power. It felt like it went back to idle or something in between. I took back the throttle and the engine was responding again. I could apply power again but just for 15 to 20 seconds, then it happend again. I tried again with the controls at my disposal in order to get back control of the engine which I could twice more before the engine quitted completely. During the whole process I was looking for an area to land, I then selected a field that I rated as the most suitable. On the XXXX frequency I declared a Mayday and started the approach. In final I noticed that the field was not as level as expected, I touched down where intended but the aircraft bounced back and after the second landing the deceleration due to the soft field was such that the aircraft flipped on his back. I could extract myself from the plane and announce on the frequency that I was ok. I then secured the aircraft and call the REGA to report the accident.»

De plus amples informations ainsi que les recommandations de l’OFAC concernant cet incident peuvent être consultées sur le site SAND (Safety Awareness Notification) suivant.